Fall 2015
ONA Fokushalle E7
5:30–7 pm

TravellersOn the Ways of Seeing Urban Territories

TRAVELLERS: ON THE WAYS OF SEEING URBAN TERRITORIES is a series of five lectures and conversations about ways of perceiving, studying and portraying urban territories. Each of the guest speakers is a traveller—a person who places the direct observation and experience of urban landscapes in the core of their practice.

The architectural ways of looking, concepts and techniques are unstable at large territorial scales, and yet, urban territories can be seen as crucial contexts for the production of architecture. Seeing an extended urban territory as part of the city—its mirror—can reflect back in the ways we see the city itself, and its architectures. With students and invited guests, we will consider: How can architects look at, study and design urban territories or the “city’s constitutive outside”: the periphery, the agglomeration, the countryside, and the hinterland? What are the motives (aesthetic, political) architects can have in engaging with these territories? The aim is to discuss concepts and techniques for territorial investigations and projects. We will be looking at urban territories through the eyes, lenses, and concepts of an urban geographer, a cartographer, a photographer, an artist, and an architect.

  1. Travelling Warrior and Planetary Urbanisation

    Christian Schmid, guest lecture

  2. The Radical Art of Cartography

    Philippe Rekacewicz, guest lecture

  3. From Reading the Cities To Acting In Public

    Boris Sieverts, guest lecture

  4. Some Cities

    Aglaia Konrad, guest lecture

  5. Architecture of Territory

    Milica Topalović