Spring 2020
ONA Fokushalle E7
Mondays, 4–6 pm

Sessions on TerritoryUrbanism Beyond Technofix

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a series of public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory. In the name of efficiency and productivity, technology transforms spatial practices and impacts the built and natural environment, propelling us into the ongoing Anthropocene era. The seminar aims to reflect on how machines and systems of modern material culture such as AI and automation can be critically discussed in the design field—beyond techno-fix, toward a constructive response. Every intervention by a guest speaker is followed by a panel discussion with invited respondents.

The 2020 spring semester SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is curated and organised by Dr. Charlotte Malterre-Barthes for Milica Topalović.

  1. Human Range

    Theo Deutinger, guest lecture

  2. Concepts for Mobile Architectures

    Iris van der Tuin and Nanna Verhoeff, guest lecture

  3. Politics of the Technological Fix in Urbanism

    Ola Söderström, guest lecture

  4. Viral Archaeology

    Ines Weizman, guest lecture

  5. Automated Urban Design

    Pascal Müller, guest lecture