Gutsbetrieb Juchhof


We would like to warmly invite you to join the showcase review of the MAS Studio Urban Agroecology for the Zürich Metropolitan Core.

Our guests will be Joachim Declerck, Architect and Founder, Architecture Workroom, Brussels; Anja Frost and Bernhard Koch, Grün Stadt Zürich; Dr. Naomi C. Hanakata, planner and Asst. Prof. at the National University of Singapore; Dr. Nitin Bathla, Chair of Sociology, ETH Zurich; and James Melsom, Landscape Architect and PhD Researcher, ETH Zurich and UTS Sydney

The guests will be joined by the MAS Team EPFL: Tommaso Pietropolli and Mike Fingleton and the MAS Team ETH: Milica Topalović, Nancy Couling, and Alice Clarke.

  1. Welcome and Project Introduction

    Milica Topalović, Nancy Couling

  2. Introduction to Juchhof

    Anja Frost, Grün Stadt Zürich

  3. Folding Agrarian Edges: A Vision for Dübendorf

    Antonia Gerogianni and Diana Zarnescu

  4. Living in the Agroecological Landscape

    Yifeng Xie

  5. Lunch and tour of Juchhof
  6. Edible Commons on the Southern Slope of Zürichberg

    Hiroaki Anamizu, Khyati Andrapiya and Francis Schoups

  7. Commonwoods: a Communally Managed Agroecological Zone at the Edge of Uetliberg

    Erzè Dinarama and Manson Fung

  8. Coffee Break
  9. Territorial Constitution for Zürich’s Agroecological Zone-A Common Project

    MAS UTD students

  10. Discussion and final comments
  11. Apèro at Juchhof