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Arcadia: European Countryside

Architecture of Territory invites you to the final review of ARCADIA, our first research and design studio on European Countryside. This studio series aims to explore the terra incognita of the countryside, its radical mutations, and its urban potentials. The mythical Arcadia and the landscapes of Peloponnese in Greece, have served as our first countryside case study. The project is organized as an east-west section through the territory of Peloponnese, running from coast to coast—from Epidaurus to Olympia, through the mountains of Arcadia. Along this territorial section, we worked with four groups of students on four related investigations.

Student Projects

  1. 1
    Arcadian Villages: Countryside in the European Mountains

    Meike Stender and Akito Yoshinaka

  2. 2
    Olive Groves: Countryside of Agricultural Production

    Lorenzo Autieri and Patrick Meyer

  3. 3
    Olympia: Countryside as Heritage Landscape

    Dorothee Hahn and Julie Rigling

  4. 4
    Local Coast of Ilia: Seaside Countryside

    Andres Ruiz and Johannes Hirsbrunner