Beograd Unbuilt (2/2)

Architecture of Territory invites you to the final review of this autumn’s territorial studio project BEOGRAD UNBUILT (1/2): PROJECT FOR PUBLIC LANDSCAPES.

The research and design semester focused on the urban body formed by Belgrade’s many green islands and open spaces enclosed within the built fabric. Amidst often conflicted political interests projected in urban space, the idea of public landscape can begin to serve as crucial common ground. In the light of the city’s ravenous development, both formal and informal, we propose to rethink once again the meaning of the UNBUILT, and envision its contemporary form.

Student Projects

  1. 1
    “PKB”: Agricultural Kombinat Beograd

    Maëlle Odermatt and Kerstin Spiekermann

  2. 2
    Ada Čaplja

    Marco Busarello and Raja Stettler

  3. 3
    Ada Huja

    Perrine Hoo and Li Xinhe

  4. 4
    Orlovic Breg

    Mirko Schaap and Katrin Röthlin

  5. 5
    Topćider and Košutnjak

    Franziska Beer and Luca Schüpbach

  6. 6
    Makiš Springs

    Mirjam Kupferschmid and Androniki Prokopidou

  7. 7
    Ušće Park

    Rafael Schäfer and Klára Sládečková

  8. 8
    Zemun Cliffs

    Lisa Adelmann and Djoa Strassburg