Geneva Unbuilt (2/2)

Architecture of Territory invites you to the final review of this autumn’s design studio GENEVA UNBUILT (2/2): IDEAS TAKE ROOT. During the day we will look at seven selected sites within the Genevan Metropolitan Region.

Student Projects

  1. 1
    Industrial Park of La Praille

    Chantal Bekkering, Cyril Heiniger, and Lucie Vauthey

  2. 2
    Jardins des Nations

    Benedict Khoo and Momo Yip

  3. 3
    Cite Jardin d’Aïre

    Edgar Gervason, Fatma Nur Topbas, and Dylan Torri

  4. 4
    The “Hausberg” Salève

    Natalie Caroll, Raphaela Dudler, and Céline Ryffel

  5. 5
    Opposing Collex and Ornex

    Florence Gilbert, Serena Neuenschwander, and Moritz Schmidt

  6. 6
    Foothills of the Pays de Gex

    Lea Andermatt, Nadina Dollie, and Cindy Gloggner

  7. 7
    Following the Aire

    Janosch Brenzikofer and Sylvie Fontan