ONA Fokushalle E7

Concepts for Mobile Architectures: Reflections on the Algorithmic Condition from a Creative HumanitiesIris Van der Tuin and Nanna Verhoeff in conversation with Benjamin Dillenburger

The algorithmic condition (Colman et al. 2018) shapes practices of knowledge production within humanities scholarship and in design and cultural professional practice. In this contemporary condition, parameters for the availability and exchange of information and knowledge are shifting, thus blurring disciplinary and institutional boundaries, functions, and practices. With the shifting of parameters, and among the changing of these boundaries, functions, and practices, come into being new ways of working within, and between, humanities scholarship and arts & design practice. This convergence that generates what we call ‘creative humanities’ yields emerging and transforming genres and platforms for exchange within the academy and at the intersection of academic and creative practice, ultimately affecting the audiences of academies, art institutions, and makerspaces. From this perspective, we are interested in the meeting point of both domains, and the subsequent new conceptual frameworks developed for or reactivated by contemporary societal challenges surrounding for example issues of ecology, technology, truth, and value that share currency in both cultural inquiry and the fields of arts and design. In this talk, we sketch a triptych of critical concepts for the creative humanities that we see as relevant for what can be provisionally framed as ‘mobile architecture.’