Genius Loci 2.0: Vernacular Beyond TraditionalNikos Magouliotis

Despite the traditionalists’ romantic projections and insitutional attempts for preservation, the Greek province has taken its own peculiar course of modernisation in the post-war years. The dissemination of various modernisms (tools, materials and construction techniques) appears to have occured somewhat in the absence of an overaching frame of modernity (i.e. the European model of the welfare-state). Over the years, this generated innumerable hybrid forms of anonymous architecture that oscillate between the urban and the rural; contemporary idioma and particularities that stand beyond the previous definitions of a strictly local “tradition” and perhaps require the acknowledgement of a new “genius loci”.

Nikos Magouliotis studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He is currently attending the Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Programme: Architectural Design—Space—Culture at NTUA. He is interested in architectural theory and history, as well as their intertwinement with socio-political history, anthropology, folkloristics, etc. He is currently working on the publication of articles, both in Greece and abroad, as well as his MSc thesis titled The Modern-Greek Maison Dom-ino, as an Example of Contemporary Vernacular Architecture.