Silent Collisions: Thinking the Urban and the Rural in the Albanian ContextFalma Fshazi

In this lecture Falma Fshazi will present the history of urban rural relationships in Albania. As a historian, she uses her research on citizenship, national identity, youth activism and the concepts of power and politics to reflect on territorial identifications of urban–rural collisions. She raises the question on rural and urban becoming symbiotic social constructions and unhappily coexisting realities.

Falma Fshazihas been working as research and teaching staff in Istanbul and Paris since 2005. She obtained her PhD in History and Civilizations from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Paris in 2012. She has collaborated for a few years with the Mayor of Tirana then the Albanian PM Edi Rama. Fshazi is now a member of the Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation at ETH Zurich.