Beyond the Limits of the City...
Milica Topalovic
Architecture of Territory—the ETH Zurich Chair of Architecture and Territorial Planning—dedicates its work to forms and processes of territorial urbanisation, arguing for the necessity of architect engagement at territorial scales. Since 2011 Milica Topalovic has been attached to the ETH Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, studying the region’s hinterlands. With their return to Zurich, Topalovic and her team initiate a new phase of research on European countrysides.

This publication is an edited transcript of Architecture of Territory, the inaugural lecture delivered by Milica Topalovic on November 30, 2015 at the ETH Zurich.

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Asst. Prof. Milica Topalovic, Hans Hortig, Marcel Jäggi, Fabian Kiepenheuer, Martin Knüsel, Karoline Kostka, Stefanie Krautzig, Metaxia Markaki, Ani Katariina Vihervaara, Lukas Wolfensberger

ETH students in the project Hinterland: Singapore Beyond the Border
Spring 2012—Livio de Maria, Martin Garcia, Giulia Luraschi, Magnus Nickl, Stephanie Schenk, and Karl Wruck
Autumn 2012—Gabriela Schär, Lino Moser, Simon Zemp, Pascal Deschenaux, Caroline Schillinger, Desirée Damport, Ahmed Belkhodja, Saskja Odermatt, Martin Garcia, and Magnus Nickl
Spring 2014—Sarah Barras, Luca Bazelli, Benjamin Blocher, Panayotis Coucopoulos, Manuel Crepaz, Alessio De Gottardi, Martino Iorno, Simone Michel, Matthias Müller, and Anna-Katharina Zahler
Diploma students—Magnus Nickl, Myriam Perret, and Verena Stecher

We would like to thank all of the collaborators, experts, students and friends who contributed invaluable support to Architecture of Territory projects since 2011.


Concept and production—Milica Topalovic and Architecture of Territory
Graphic concept—Goda Budvytyte
Copy-editing—Siân Gibby
Printing and binding—Die Keure Drukkerij-Uitgeverij, Brugge
Edition—500 copies
ISBN 978-3-906327-31-0

This publication is supported by ETH Zurich Department of Architecture. The project Hinterland: Singapore Beyond the Border is supported by ETH Zurich Department of Architecture, Network City and Landscape, Singapore-ETH Centre and Future Cities Laboratory.