1:20.000, Acrylic glass and plywood
Land was never seen as a limited resource in Singapore, but as a vast potential to be released. Land reclamation has added 25% to Singapore’s land territory during the last century and further extensions into the sea are still being planned and built. Now, thecelebrated Singapore model represents a paradigm of urban development inextricably tied to the practice of continuous transformation and reclamation of land. The sequence of sections through the island at two points in time,1924 and 2012, visualises the scale, the volume and the territorial logic of land construction.

Model building: Hans Hortig, Martin Knüsel, Bas Princen, Tobias Wullschleger, Team of NUS students
Map reconstruction and digital elevation models: Tao Wang, Team of NUS students
Scripting: Tobias Wullschleger
Map research and acquisition: Iris Belle, Martin Knüsel, Marcel Jäggi, Tao Wang