FCL Magazine 02
Milica Topalovic in conversation with Narelle Yabuka
A study of the hinterland and productive territories around Singapore, as well as the flow of sand and other resources that have fuelled its growth, led Assistant Professor Milica Topalovic of ETH Future Cities into the ‘negotiated territories’ of map production. In this interview she talks about the nature and processes of her research, and uncovers her interest in a new urban paradigm for the region of Singapore—a ‘missing map’ of the future tri-national metropolis.
Interview, transcript and editing: Narelle Yabuka
Design: Goda Budvytyte
In Singapore, October 2013

First published in:
FCL Magazine 02: Urban Strategies
Editors: Dirk Hebel and Stephen Cairns
Publisher: ETH Singapore SEC Ltd / FCL
Language: English
Paperback, 134 pages, 20.5 x 28 cm
ISBN: 2339-5427
February 2014