The Visible and the Invisible World: Egypt
Landscapes and Territories
Milica Topalovic and Bas Princen
in conversation with Charlotte Malterre Barthes and Harald R. Stühlinger

The conversation considers the relationship between photography and territorial research. Does photography have the status of a document, or does it have a “projective” status of its own? How is it possible to represent vast landscapes of urbanisation, such as the Nile Valley, through photography? How does a researcher or photographer work in a different cultural setting?
In: Harald R. Stühlinger (guest editor), Ulla Fischer-Westhauser, Uwe Schögl (editors), The City and the Territory—Imagining Cairo and Egypt, 28/2017 PhotoResearcher, no. 28/2017. Vienna: European Society for the History of Photography. p.68–83.