Final Review
Architecture of Territory invites you to the final review of this spring’s territorial studio project BEOGRAD UNBUILT–PROJECT FOR PUBLIC LANDSCAPE.

The research and design semester focused on the urban body formed by Belgrade’s many green islands and open spaces enclosed within the built fabric. Amidst often conflicted political interests projected in urban space, the idea of public landscape can begin to serve as crucial common ground. In the light of the city’s ravenous development, both formal and informal, we propose to rethink once again the meaning of the UNBUILT, and envision its contemporary form.

The final review will treat the following project sites:

1 Ada Ciganlija & Ada Medjica—
Leisure Island and the City’s Water reserve
by Joel Hösle and Yves Merkofer

2 Great War Island—
Nature Reserve at the Heart of the City
by Matilde Negri and Andrew Suiter

3 Zvezdara Šuma—
Observatory on a Forested Hilltop
by Eric Bonhôte and Fabrizio Gramegna

4 Highway Corridor—
Industrial Zone under (Green) Cover
by Michiel Gieben and Katarina Savic

5 Third Belgrade Pond—
Privatised Wetlands in the Periphery
by Melina Ehrler and Mélanie Lai

6 Kumodraž Slopes—
Agriculture Besieged by Settlements
by Toja Coray and Daria Ryffel

7 Avala Mountain—
Monuments at the Metropolitan Fringe
by Beatrice Kiser and Corina Tripet

Followed by drinks and bbq!
About the event:
9.45 am – 5.30 pm
ONA Main Hall
Neunbrunnenstrasse 50
8050 Zürich


Florian Hertweck
Ana Nikezić
Jelena Pancevac
Giovanni Piovene
Bas Princen
Emily Eliza Scott
Pavle Stamenović

Assistant Prof — Milica Topalović
Team — Hans Hortig, Karoline Kostka, Metaxia Markaki,
Ferdinand Pappenheim, Thaïs de Roquemaurel