Eclipse: Urbanism Beyond the City
Milica Topalovic
Within the context of the Padiglione Architettura at the Milan 2015 EXPO Belle Arti, the symposium Geo-graphical Urbanism—Design and the Formation of the Earth’s Surface in the Age of Planetary Urbanization aims to frame an understanding of design and its agency as the making of synthetic geo-graphies. Milica Topalovic, with her lecture Eclipse: Urbanism Beyond the City, will speak about the methods and themes of her territorial investigations and projects, including section through Italy, Nile Valley and Singapore’s hinterlands.
About the Event:
Design and the Formation of the Earth’s Surface
in the Age of Planetary Urbanization

9.30 am – 12.30 pm
Padiglione Architettura at the Milan 2015 EXPO Belle Arti

Curated by Nikos Katsikis. Speakers: Franco Farinelli, Milica Topalovic, Paola Viganò, Alex Wall and Adrian Lahoud.