Future Cities Laboratory Conference
The concept of planetary urbanisation has recently become a widely debated topic. It starts from the observation that urbanisation has got a planetary reach in the last decades. The boundaries of the urban have been exploded to encompass vast territories far beyond the limits of even the largest mega-city regions. This process of extended urbanisation includes the progressive enclosure, operationalisation and industrialisation of landscapes around the world to fuel the rapid intensification of metropolitan growth in recent decades. Meanwhile, novel patterns of urbanisation are crystallising in various environments, in agricultural areas, in the space of seeming wilderness and in the oceans, challenging inherited conceptions of the urban as a bounded zone and a dense settlement type. These observations suggest a radical rethinking of inherited cartographies of the urban, at all spatial scales. In this conference young as well as renowned scholars explore and analyze a wide variety of concrete case studies and show different ways of engaging with extended urbanisation today. This conference also presents a dialogue between the two modules “territories of extended urbanisation” and “rural-urban systems” in the framework of FCL that both engage in the analysis of such processes.
About the event:
This conference is part of ETH Future Cities Laboratory 2 in Singapore.

9 am – 6 pm
Future Cities Laboratory
Singapore-ETH Centre
1 CREATE Way, #06-01 CREATE Tower
Singapore 138602

Image by Bas Princen.