BEOGRAD UNBUILT seminar week (1/2)
17.03. – 24.03.2018
An investigative journey constituted the core of the research and design semester BEOGRAD UNBUILT. Travelling through the territory, we experienced its complexity and beauty. Our journey entailed curated walks through the city, boat trips and hikes followed by workshop sessions in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University.

17.03 – Day 1
New Belgrade and Sava River embankments.

18.03 – Day 2
The urban forests Kosutnjak & Topčider.

19.03. — Day 3
Avala Mountain & Karaburma informal housing.

20.03.–Day 4
Great War Island and Third Belgrade.

21.-24.03. – Day 5-8
Common workshop at the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture & individual research.

We would like to thank all collaborators and experts for guiding us through the city of Belgrade!