with Chair of Landscape Architecture
How to see, describe and even construct an urban space through moving images? Looking through the camera lens and sampling what we see into a video reportage, we explored Singapore’s fragmented borderlands. At the same time, the explorations led to questions on cultural aesthetics and hidden ideologies of images. A video work is closely tied to a territory; a moving image and a map are considered as complementary ways of seeing urban space.


We would like to thank the students, collaborators and experts who contributed to Images of Territory. A special thanks to professor Christophe Girot and video artists Susanne Hofer, Marc Westhof and Marie Laverre who helped us set up and teach the course. We are grateful to guests Charles Lim, Bas Princen, Benjamin Leclair-Paquet and Naomi Hanakata, and to the Pigeonhole for hosting the final review.