Arcadia is one of the most enduring utopias of the western mind. As an imaginary locus and a pictorial style, Arcadia originated in the pastoral scenery of Roman poets Ovid and Virgil, from where it spread throughout western painting and literature. The imaginary realm of Arcadia, where human beings, animals, and plants harmoniously coexist, remains one of the most powerful idyllic constructions of the countryside.

An investigative journey to Arcadia and Peloponnese constitutes the core of Architecture of Territory first project on the European Countryside. Travelling along the territorial line that crosses the Peloponnese from Epidaurus to Olympia and from east to west coast, we will experience the region’s complexity and beauty.

Extensive field research is a prerequisite for the students’ projects. The interaction with local experts as well as the faculty and students of the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, will enable a close view of the territory. The journey takes place from March 11—20, 2016.

Seven days
Arcadian villages
Classical ruins
Mystical river
Olive orchards
Summer homes
Football fields with a view
and more