ETH ZURICH Professorship of Architecture and Territorial Planning Milica Topalović

Architecture of Territory investigates phenomena and processes of urban transformation of contemporary territories. This approach comprises a shift of interest from cities to broader territorial frames, and to what was once considered the non-urban realm or the city’s “constitutive outside”: the city’s hinterlands, “rural” countrysides and “nature”, including alpine zones, jungles, deserts and oceans.

At present even remote spaces and landscapes are pulled into the vortex of urbanisation; the urban condition is omnipresent. Throughout the 20th century, this expanded field of urbanisation has continued to challenge the disciplines of architecture and urbanism to rescale and expand their concepts, methods and approaches beyond urban centres and concentrated urban agglomerations. What could be architect’s roles in understanding, describing, and designing contemporary urban territories?

The projects of Architecture of Territory are based on the continuity between research and design, where both of these modes of intellectual production are overlapping and reinforcing one another. The design research studios, travel expeditions and site exploration, are always at the base of larger project trajectories.

From 2011 to 2015, Architecture of Territory was based in Singapore, at the ETH Future Cities Laboratory. During this period we conducted research and projects on the contemporary Hinterlands, focusing on the multiple territorial imprints of cities, and using the island-state of Singapore as the paradigmatic research case.

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