Spring 2017

TravellersThesis Elective

The Travellers course deals with ways of seeing, perceiving and portraying urban territories. Taking different perspectives, from architecture and visual art to urban theory, history and politics, the course enables student-travellers to create an urban portrait of a territory.

Every student is a traveller who embarks on a journey in a territory, both literal and metaphorical, and creates a work about the experience. Travellers produce a travelogue, in free-form that is to be discussed with the teaching team. This can be a written or visual essay, presented as a booklet, an exhibition of drawings, a performative lecture or a guided public walk for example. In doing so, students create an insightful and critical work on urban space and urbanisation.

Please apply with a short exposé, explaining your idea for a topic and suggest a possible travel route. Applications are accepted only in printed form. The number of students in the course is limited to 8.