Spring 2021
Mondays, 4–6 pm

Sessions on TerritoryUrbanism as Material Accumulation

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a series of public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory. Focusing on the material cultures of architecture and urbanism — from territories of resource extraction to the construction site — the upcoming series unravels contemporary forces at work in the formation of the built and natural environments. Through a series of debates with invited guests, the seminar aims to critically reflect on the materiality of contemporary urbanism. Every intervention by a guest speaker is followed by a panel discussion with invited respondents.

The spring semester 2021 Sessions on Territory is curated by Prof Milica Topalović, Asst Prof Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (Harvard GSD), and Hans Hortig.

  1. A General Theory of Islands

    Joshua Comaroff, guest lecture

  2. Oil Spaces

    Carola Hein, guest lecture

  3. Operation Beton

    Sarah Nichols, guest lecture

  4. Reciprocal Landscapes

    Jane Mah Hutton

  5. Feral Atlas

    Anna L. Tsing