Fall 2017
ONA Fokushalle E7
Mondays, 4–6 pm

Sessions on TerritoryUrbanism Beyond Neoliberalism

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a series of public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory within and beyond the neoliberal order. The seminar’s objective is to unravel forces at work in the formation and the perception of the contemporary city, and, as importantly, to spur debates that challenge the status quo. Every intervention by a guest speaker will be followed by a panel discussion with invited respondents. This semester’s series on POWER constitutes the first instalment of SESSIONS ON TERRITORY: Urbanism Beyond Neoliberalism.

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a collaboration between the professorships of Marc Angélil and Milica Topalović.

  1. The Property Drama

    Arno Brandlhuber and Christopher Roth, guest lecture

  2. Right-Wing Spaces

    Stephan Trüby, guest lecture

  3. Traces of the More-Than-Liberal

    Jennifer Robinson, guest lecture

  4. Transmaterial Politics

    Andrés Jaque, guest lecture

  5. Portraits IV: Territory/Politics

    François Charbonnet, guest lecture