Fall 2018
ONA Fokushalle E7
Thursdays, 10–12 am

Architecture of TerritoryTerritorial Design in Histories, Theories, and ProjectsTheme: My Zurich

This lecture series sets up the agenda for widening the disciplinary field of architecture and urbanism from their focus on the city, or the urban in the narrow sense, to wider territorial scales, which correspond to the growing scales of contemporary urbanisation. It discusses the concepts of territory and urbanisation, and their implications for the work of architects and urbanists. The course will enable students to critically discuss concepts of territory and urbanisation. It will invite students to revisit the history of architects’ work engaging with the problematic of urbanising territories and territorial organisation. The goal is to motivate and equip students to engage with territory in the present day and age, by framing our contemporary urban agenda.

The lectures are animated by a series of visual and conceptual exercises on A4 sheets of paper. All original student contributions will be collected and bound together, creating a unique book-object. Some of the exercises are graded and count as proof of completion.

ARCHITECTURE OF TERRITORY—My Zurich is curated and organised by Milica Topalović and Tobias Baitsch.

  1. On Territory

    Milica Topalović

  2. Architecture and Urbanisation (pre 1966)

    Milica Topalović

  3. Architecture and Urbanisation (post 1966)

    Milica Topalović

  4. Cartography and Representation

    Philippe Rekacewicz, guest lecture

  5. Methods in Territorial Research and Design

    Milica Topalović

  6. Landscape and Image

    Bas Princen, guest lecture

  7. Planetary Urbanisation: Hinterland

    Milica Topalović

  8. Urbanisation of the Sea

    Milica Topalović

  9. Disappearance of the Countryside

    Milica Topalović

  10. Food Systems

    Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, guest lecture

  11. Our Common Territories: An Outlook

    Milica Topalović