Seminar Trip
Metropolitan Projects

Geneva Unbuilt

An investigative journey constituted the core of the design studio GENEVA UNBUILT—GARDENING CITY AND LAND. Travelling through the territory, we will explore the gardens of Geneva, experiencing their complexity and beauty. Gardeners will guide us on curated walks through the city, boat trips and hikes, followed by workshop sessions with guest tutors, experts and fellow students. Extensive field research is a prerequisite for the students’ projects. The interaction with local experts, inhabitants and farmers as well as portraying the site in ethnographic sketches and photographs are key to a meaningful portrait of the territory. During the seminar week students will have time to investigate their project sites and collect material from archives and expert interviews. Participation is obligatory for all studio members; we offer additional places for external student.

  1. Common Day 1

    The West

  2. Common Day 2

    The South

  3. Common Day 3

    The East

  4. Day 4

    Site Exploration and Workshop

  5. Day 5

    Site Exploration and Workshop

  6. Day 6

    Site Exploration and Workshop

  7. Day 7

    Workshop Review and Common Dinner

  8. Day 8

    Additional Site Exploration and Departure Day