Seminar Trip
Canton of Zurich
Soil, Water, Labour

Agricultural Pioneers

An investigative journey constituted the core of the design studio NEW ECOLOGIES—SOIL, WATER, LABOUR. During the seminar week we will focus on experimental and pioneering agriculture. We will explore the field: by foot, by bike, by bus, or by train. We will get to know protagonists that research in the field of agricultural sciences, experimental farmers that work on the field and environmental activists, who fight against climate change and food waste. These days will be paralleled by individual days of investigation on the research topics and sites in the respective student teams.

  1. Common Day 1

    Permaculture and Solidarity in Agriculture

  2. Common Day 2

    Scientific Laboratories of Land Cultivation

  3. Common Day 3

    Early Morning Markets and Food Activists

  4. Common Day 4

    The Origins: Pioneers and Innovation

  5. Day 5

    Individual Field Research

  6. Day 6

    Agroscope, Common Dinner & Individual Field Research

  7. Day 7

    Individual Field Research