Design Studio
Spring 2022

ZumikonLandsehnsucht: Zurich's Very Own VillageManuela Foscaldi and Carla Ringenbach

The Landsehnsucht led many wealthy people from Zurich to Zumikon, who build a single-family house for their children in the green meadow. 20 years later, after the children have moved out, these neighbourhoods have lost on vibrancy and what remains is an ageing population of home owners and high earners. Zumikon’s single-family house landscape of 63 percent is above the Swiss average. These houses are mainly inhabited by pensioners. This results in 80 percent of the single-family houses not being fully occupied, while more than 60 percent of them are owned by 60 years old and older. As a result, many older people in Zumikon live alone in a big single-family house. At the same time, one third of all Swiss pensioners feel isolated. We want to counteract this trend with our proposal of intergenerational living in the existing single-family houses. As there is no need to built more but just to adjust the already built fabric. This means that the goal should be to reach a social density and so to increase the number of interpersonal interactions. By doing so the village should be seen as a social concept to be implemented in the single-family houses in Zumikon to reactivate the social responsibility deriving from the idea of a village. Families or students could move in a single-family house with an older person, which would lead to more interactions, support and less isolation. Old and young would live together again.