Design Studio
Spring 2022

OtelfingenRestitching the Urban FabricLaura Pfeiffer and Selin Civi

In Switzerland it is known that infrastructure is the secret urban planner. Otelfingen—with its history of characterising infrastructural developments—presents itself as a prime example to prove this statement. With every new infrastructural thread connecting the village to the outside world, patches of central functions accumulated themselves in the proximity of transportation routes. With the introduction of the car, urban growth quickly transformed into an uncontrolled sprawl. As a consequence, the village can be read as a patchwork of contrasting centralities, that have little to no interaction with each other. By analysing patterns of movements a restitching of the urban fabric is introduced with precise interventions dealing with the existing condition of fragmentation. Dividing roads are worked out into differentiated threads with the emphasis of pedestrian friendly connecting character among the patches. The repaired urban fabric revitalises the social sense and raises the attractiveness of village life.


Elevation: 440 m.a.s.l.
Surface: 7.2 km2
Population: 2,943 inh.
Population density: 412 inh./km2
Population growth: 21.4 %
Average yearly income: 83,866 CHF/yr.
Population over 65 years old: 16.3 %
Share of foreign population: 23.1 %