Design Studio
Spring 2022

FischenthalStrengthening the Village in the ValleyTobias Etter and Oluwasegun Ogunsola

Fischenthal is a municipality in the Oberland region of Zurich at the border to St. Gallen. It has the largest area of the Canton’s rural communes, but the settlement is concentrated in a line along its main valley. Its population growth over the last few decades was concentrated in the north and south respectively, turning the commune into a commuting village caught between two poles. The local government and population collaborate to counter the outwards pull and bring the people together. Strengthening the linear center of Fischenthal could bring these social efforts into the territory of the village.


Elevation: 740 m.a.s.l.
Surface: 30.2 km2
Population: 2,501 inh.
Population density: 83 inh./km2
Population growth: 9.2 %
Average yearly income: 65,685 CHF/yr.
Population over 65 years old: 15.6 %
Share of foreign poulation: 14.6 %