Focus Work
Spring 2022

The Journey of a Sausage:
An Investigation of the Industrial Meat Production Process in Switzerland

Roma Brunner and Carmen Kempf

Our interest in meat production arose from a visit to Bell’s slaughterhouse in Basel. The process from the slaughtering of the animal to the packaging of a product takes place in hidden sight from the public. What is the reason for this and why do we know so little about meat production? We explored the industrialised meat production process by retracing the production path of a sausage we bought at the supermarket and compared it to the production at a small slaughter and butcher company.

Photograph: Carmen Kempf.

pork meat 80% (switzerland)
bacon (switzerland)
table salt
acidifying agents

Mating center
Piglet breeding
Farrowing stable
Waiting stable
Arrival of the animals
Holding pens
CO2-stunning elevator
Slaughtering of the pigs
Washing of the Carcasses
Hair removal
Lengthwise division of the carcasses
Removal of head and heart
Removal of internal organs
Medical screening of the carcasses
Loading of body parts into trucks
Cold storage
System by Wolf AG