Design Studio
Spring 2022

Aesch ZHThe Village with Cooperative ValuesBruno de Almeida Ferreira and Alessandro Paterniti Barbino

Aesch is a countryside municipality on the outskirts of the City of Zurich. In the last decade it has experienced a vertiginous population growth of more than 61 %. The large constructive land reserve makes it a highly attractive area for those who dream of a green property just a few minutes’ drive from the city centre. Thanks to the opening of the Westumfahrung and the Aeschertunnel, the village and its neighbours have experienced a period of strong interest. High land prices in Switzerland and the federal building laws do not assist to a controlled development of the village; this endangers the history and face of a village, which can boast of having represented a pioneering model from the 1960s, until the integration of the zoning plan in 1983.

The Dorfgenossenschaft protected villager’s interests by controlling growth and preserving the character of the village. Its reintegration in the present day could prevent Aesch from furious development aimed at quick profits: safeguarding the charm of its picturesque landscape.


Elevation: 540 m.a.s.l.
Surface: 5.2 km2
Population: 1,709 inh.
Population density: 326 inh./km2
Population growth: 61.4 %
Average yearly income: 112,716 CHF/yr.
Population over 65 years old: 17.3 %
Share of foreign population: 20.0 %