Design Studio
Fall 2022

Energy and SunTowards a Communal Solar LandscapeBastien Terrettaz, Eu Juin Toh, and Esad Mujanovic

Solar power for electrical energy has been promoted by the state since the 1980 Energiewende in Germany. Over the past decades, Germany has seen great potential in solar energy to manage the phase-out of nuclear energy by the end of 2022. Apart from the reduced dependence on international oil and gas imports, photovoltaics has been a tool that is economically as well as politically lucrative. However, this has led to an increase in large-scale ground mounted solar farms owned by big players. This has challenged the initial plans for decentralised modes of energy production, through small-scaled roof photovoltaic ownership. In the context of a highly industrialised agricultural landscape like Titz, should there be a direct-proportional relationship between energy transition and adoption of hybrid-photovoltaic systems such as Agrivoltaic? The imminence of the situation also asks for a new model of equitable solar development.