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Nothing but Flowers: Nature and Territory in Zurich

We warmly invite you to join the final review of the research and design studio NOTHING BUT FLOWERS: NATURE AND TERRITORY IN ZURICH. Our guests will be Peter Bach, research scientist in urban water management, EAWAG; André Bideau, architecture theorist and historian, ETH Zurich/Accademia di architettura Mendrisio; Sabine von Fischer, architecture historian and journalist, Neue Zürcher Zeitung; Vesna Jovanovic, architect and researcher, ETH Zurich; Anne-Marie Lerjen, art historian and walking artist, ETH Zurich; Christian Schmid, professor of sociology, ETH Zurich.

  1. Introduction

    Milica Topalović and the team

  2. Zürcher Oberland

    Sauwald: Reviving the Productive Forest
    Lucca Blum, Josias Regli, and Lazar Riva

  3. Greifensee

    The Future of Landschaftsschutz: Protection Beyond the Image
    Oliver Luther and Philippe Strauss

  4. Zürichsee

    More Than Human: Architectures of Cohabitation
    Claire Debons and Jingfan Xue

  5. Limmattal

    Ecologising Infrastructures: New Habitats for an Urban Landscape
    Florian Hofmann, Markus Nyfeler, and Jonas Schmid

  6. Airport and Glatt

    Rethinking Ecological Compensation: The Production of Nature Around Zurich Airport
    Marco Steinacher and Jan Zimmermann