Research Project

Agroecological Design for the Zürich Region
Future Cities Laboratory Global

Focusing on the agrarian shift and the transition toward agroecology in the Metropolitan Region of Zürich, this research employs a combination of detailed qualitative analysis and quantitative geospatial analysis and modelling, thereby linking urbanisation’s social, political and cultural aspects to transformations in land use patterns, soil ecosystems and nature’s contributions to people (NCP).

Building on analytical investigations, the project aims to emphasise nature-based design solutions that counter the prevailing reliance on technological fixes and challenge the attempts of agroecological priorities in spatial planning and equitable governance across the functional and ecological metropolis.

The research “Agroecological Design for the Zürich Region” is part of the project NEW URBAN AGENDAS UNDER PLANETARY URBANISATION—Agrarian Change and Agroecological Transitions, embedded in the Food and Territories cluster of ETH Future Cities Laboratory Global—an interdisciplinary research programme that seeks to address the worldwide circumstances of rapid urbanisation.