Power to the People: Energy and Territory in the Rheinland

We warmly invite you to join the final review of the research and design studio POWER TO THE PEOPLE: ENERGY AND TERRITORY IN THE RHEINLAND. Our guests will be Elke Beyer, urbanist, Habitat Unit; Naomi Hanakata, architect and researcher, National University of Singapore and HANAKATA; Lindsay Howe, architect and urbanist, Universität Lichtenstein; Tim Klauser, architect and teaching assistant, ETH Zurich; Markus Krieger, architect and editor, ARCH+; Sascha Roesler, architect and architectural theorist, USI Mendrisio; and Boštjan Vuga, architect, SADAR+VUGA.

  1. Introduction

    Teaching Team

  2. Energy and Heating

    Under My Warm Blanket: What We Have Learned About a Just Energy Transition
    Filippo Biasca-Caroni, Martin Kohlberger, and Isidor Gonzalez Escobar

  3. Energy and Water

    Eternity Burdens of Groundwater Exploitation
    Nora Hauser, Leonie Mischler, and Andela Pejic

  4. Energy and Landscape Repair

    Opening the Archive of the Land
    Yee Shuang Sim, Dara Rüfenacht, and Shriya Chaudhry

  5. Energy and Activism

    Activism and the Struggle vor Change
    Ella Bacchetta, Elisa Nadas, and Silvano Ursella

  6. Energy and Commons

    It’s My Business: Becoming an Energy Community
    Timon Droll, Charis Gersl, and Flavio Thommen

  7. Energy and Biomass

    Fermenting Contradictions: Can We Rehabilitate Biogas as a Green Energy?
    Nicolas Schenkel, Mischa Engeler, and Nicola Nussbaumer

  8. Energy and Sun

    Towards a Communal Solar Landscape
    Esad Mujanovic, Bastien Terrettaz and Eu Juin Toh

  9. Energy and Wind

    Beyond the Monotony of a Productive Landscape
    Jérome Ammann, Mario Bieri and Salome Roggensinger

  10. Final Discussion