Spring 2018
ONA Fokushalle E7
Mondays, 4–6 pm

Sessions on Territory
Urbanism Beyond Neoliberalism

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY are public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory within and beyond the neoliberal order. Urbanism, as architectural discipline, has been exhausted by the effects of neoliberal globalisation—the power of the urban project has been diminished. The upcoming sessions want to ask “Whatever happened to urbanism?” by spurring debates that challenge the status quo. They bring together architects and other urban protagonists, who give a new meaning to the notion of a project for the urban realm. Every intervention will be followed by a discussion with invited respondents.

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a collaboration between the professorships of Marc Angélil and Milica Topalović.

  1. 1K

    Momoyo Kaijima, guest lecture

  2. Landscapes For Profit, Landscapes For Life

    Raquel Rolnik, guest lecture

  3. Architecture and Nature

    Stefanio Boeri, guest lecture